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Peace — Be Still

And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still.

— Mark 4:39

The spirit is a perfect unit and we harmonize with this unity

when we maintain a state of peace in our minds.

— The Science of Mind, page 493

Peace — Be Still

Once when we were living on Kauai, a furious hurricane battered the island all night. In the morning, my ten-year-old son was to walk three miles to school. During the night I kept “knowing” the storm would abate. I pictured my son walking safely through the sugarcane fields and entering the school door. Through breakfast the storm raged. Immediately following the meal it stopped, as though it were cut off with a knife. Forty minutes later, as my son entered his classroom, the storm continued again!

Eight years later, on the mainland, another son was in school a few miles from our home when a violent thunderstorm erupted. He was afraid of thunder and lightning, and furthermore he had no rain gear to protect himself. There was no way for me to reach him since our car was broken and I was at home with a newborn baby. All morning I kept picturing him peacefully walking home. I knew this as the truth and held no doubts in my mind about it. He would get out of school at 1:25 PM. As I was washing the lunch dishes, the storm ceased. I ran into the other room and looked at the clock — it read 1:25 PM! When he reached home, the storm continued once more.

How often when a storm occurs in our lives, do we hide under the bed, or run away? Instead, why not use the Godpower of our minds to confront the obstacle and become the captain of our lives?

I now take responsibility, for my own life.

There is one place, and one place only,

where I truly have dominion and that is in my own mind!

I have the power to say: Peace, be still.

And I say it now: Peace, be still.


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