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Raising the Dead

… Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth.

— John 11:43–44

The raising of the dead is within Man …

— The Science of Mind, page 365

Raising the Dead

The poet Hilda Conkling once wrote, “Loveliness that dies when I forget comes alive when I remember.” She is reminding us that we can actually think of anything we wish … anything! Isn’t that quite wonderful?

This is the principle of the Lamaze birth method, which assists women while in labor. When undergoing labor contractions, instead of tensing and fighting the contractions, women are taught to breathe in a specific manner and focus on a point outside their body. In this way, labor proceeds on its own, without interference, because the mind can only think one thought at a time.

When I was in labor, I focused on a rainbow that somehow became transformed into the word “God.” Four hours later, my daughter Rainbow-Shalom entered the world without the aid of anesthetic or episiotomy.

I learned enormously from this experience. The next time I was in pain, I consciously forced myself to remember a beautiful experience, like bathing under a waterfall in Hanakapiai Valley or watching newborn colts nurse in a green meadow. These pleasures were merely sleeping until I brought them to life by remembering them!

The energy we focus on a pain zone can leave that area and go into a pleasure zone. We can also use this same principle with departed loved ones by “raising” them into our conscious memories with love, and releasing them once again.

So, we can say to any loveliness we have ever known, “Loveliness, come forth!” And that loveliness which was dead will be raised!

Today I focus on loveliness — loveliness of the past, loveliness of the present, and loveliness of the future. I know I have the power to recall whatever I choose,

and today I claim that power and use it!

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