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Riding the Wave

Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

— Proverbs 27:1

Have no fear of tomorrow; enjoy today.

— The Science of Mind, page 432

Riding the Wave

Several years ago in Hawaii, I had nothing to do one day, so I just sat outside and enjoyed the day. Suddenly I began to hear the most beautiful music — almost celestial. It was a shalimar thrush, practicing her cadenzas. How fortunate I felt. Then it occurred to me that the only time a person could enjoy the song of a bird was at the moment it was being sung!

A few days later, I witnessed a triple rainbow, which was quite breathtaking! I called my son to share the experience. “Just let me take one more bite of my sandwich,” he pleaded. But when he got to the window, the rainbows had disappeared.

Also, along the Hawaiian beaches, I learned a great deal from observing surfers. How patiently they waited and continued to wait. Then when the big wave appeared, they caught it!

Don’t you see? This is the moment to hear the birdsong, see the rainbow, or catch the wave. Don’t tell yourself, “I’m not ready now; I think I’ll wait around for the next one.” What next one?

Whenever you start responding like this, let a line from an old spiritual reverberate in your inner ear: “The people keep a-comin’, but the train done gone!”

Thank you God for so many beautiful waves.

I ride them all with confidence, knowing they are taking me where I should go.

I ride the waves of love I feel for my family and friends.

I risk riding the waves of new experiences for I know the rewards are great.

It matters not that I have never surfed before,

I guide the surfboard of my life over the highest waves possible.

I am the champion — the winner of the greatest prize of all — life itself.

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