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Sorry, Right Number!

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for thou art with me ...

— Psalms 23:4

... nothing happens by chance ...

— The Science of Mind, page 103

Sorry, Right Number!

In Religious Science we say, “Nothing happens by chance.” Even if something seems like a coincidence, we say it happens for a reason. When we make a demonstration, we don’t depend upon chance, but upon the Law of cause and effect. So, whatever happens to us, we have consciously or unconsciously created it.

Recently, I experienced such a profound example of this Divine Synchronicity, that I was totally flooded with gratitude. I’ve always praised my telephone answer machine, because it keeps me in touch with all the souls I love, even when I’m not there physically. Since I travel so much these days, one of my passions is to record big time blessings on my machine. Telemarketers have called me and told me when they get frazzled, they call my number just to listen to the outgoing message! When I get one of these calls, I say silently to myself, “Thank You, God!”

And then one day, I got the following message on my machine, and I truly “knew” God is guiding our feet into the way of peace.

A young woman’s frail voice said very haltingly, “ Uh, well, hello. I guess I got the wrong number, so I’m sorry to call you. But, uh, just what I heard on your machine made me wonderful and still wonderful, ‘cause I was feeling like killing myself, uh, and I was so sad. So I thank you for that. You have blessed my life!”

Dear God.

Today I offer myself to Thee so utterly that,

when I meet another person along the way,

that person sees only You in my eyes,

feels only You in my heart,

and hears only You in my words.

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