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Tell the Truth with Love

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

He is ... a God of truth ...

— Deuteronomy 32:4

The Truth will out ...

— The Science of Mind, page 60

Tell the Truth with Love

In the movie, Secrets and Lies, the main character profoundly said, “We have to tell the truth so we don’t hurt each other!” “But that doesn’t work for me,” you might say, “I can’t tell the truth because I might upset someone.” I propose that unless we do tell the truth with love, we will build up walls of resentment, pain and misunderstanding, until finally our relationships will be founded on nothing but sand!

Betty told me that every time she talked with her 92-year-old mother whom she loved dearly, her mother would insult her. One day, after a particularly hurtful remark, Betty was inspired to tell her mother how she felt. “Mother, some times I think you hate me,” to which her mother responded, “Well, I do!” “But Mother, God is Love! Why would you hate your own daughter? I feel so rejected when you talk to me this way.” Her mother said, “Well, if you had just stayed on your job — you’d have a pension!” Betty responded, “All you talk about is money. I think you’ve made it your God.” Her mother said, “Oh no! no! no!” and hung up.

Five minutes later, her mother called her back in tears, apologized profusely and said, “I wasn’t a good mother,” to which Betty responded, “There’s no point in feeling guilty about that. There are no perfect parents. Remember, God is Love and Forgiveness. And I love you, Mother.”

They have never had another discordant conversation, and recently, Betty’s mother even bought her a new car!

Today, I come out of denial and tell the truth with love,

knowing that God is Love,

and only the highest good is happening for all concerned.

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