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The Beauty of Today

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Take therefore no thought for the morrow;

for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.

— Matthew 6:34

Have no fear of tomorrow; enjoy today.

— The Science of Mind, page 432

The Beauty of Today

In Religious Science, we teach that today is the important moment, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today.

This was made extremely clear to me when I was working at Kelly Temporary Agency. One of my colleagues, Melony, came to me extremely upset one morning. She had just found out that her husband was being transferred and they needed to move to Phoenix, Arizona in one week! Now Melony, a native Texan, began agonizing. “My mom won’t be able to see my kids. (Melony didn’t even have any children as yet.) How am I ever going to survive in Arizona?”

Melony was familiar with spiritual mind treatment and I offered to treat for her. Within an hour, Melony got a client who handed her his resume which said: “Diversity: The quality of being able to adjust to change. Change is inevitable! Life has a way of teaching us all this lesson. Those who cannot accept change are usually left behind, while those of us who can accept change adapt and prosper.”

That was Melony’s last day, but I had occasion to talk to her several weeks later. She had transferred to the Phoenix office, gotten a promotion and was absolutely loving Arizona. She thanked me for my treatment and said, “Rainbow, I’m essentially a negative person underneath, fraught with fears and negativity. But I made a decision at the airport when I was leaving, that I’d rather look at the beauty of today than the fears of tomorrow!”

Today is the day the Lord hath made.

I rejoice and am glad in it!

I am extremely grateful for another day.

Thank You, God!

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