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The Emphasis Is On Giving

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

And he said, What shall I give thee?

— Genesis 30:31

The Spirit is ever giving...What life does for us must be done through us.

— The Science of Mind, page 445

The Emphasis Is On Giving

Elaine was my supervisor at a temporary agency where I was working. I was extremely impressed with her attitude. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to empower the employees, to upgrade their skills, to train them and to place them. One day I acknowledged her for her attitude. She told me that she wasn’t always like that. She said that previously, whenever she worked, she worked primarily for her own personal interests. Oh yes, she did a good job, but her focus was on the salary she earned for her self, period.

Then, someone gave her a Science of Mind Magazine. She voraciously read it from cover to cover. It got her to thinking about her life and about her attitude. Little by little, she began to change. She asked herself what she could give the company rather than what she could get from the company. She researched how she could organize our operation system to make it more efficient, and what additional abilities she could bring to her job. Her emphasis totally shifted to giving rather than receiving.

The more she focused on giving, the more awards we received. One day she came in and told us that a huge corporation had been courting her. They offered her a high executive position at a great salary and she had decided to accept. No surprise to me! What a blessing I had been given to witness the givingness of Spirit in action through Elaine.

Today I take all my gifts out from under a bushel and give them to the world wherever I can, be it a smile, sharing my expertise, easing someone’s work load, or listening with my heart.

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