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The Exorcist

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

— John 14:27

... when our minds are filled with thoughts of anger, hatred and resentment, we are pouring into our body poisons in the making.

— The Science of Mind, page 255

The Exorcist

“I was so mad, I could barely breathe!” “How could he do that to me!” “I’ll show him!” These statements are often followed by another: “I wonder why I have these recurrent stomach pains?”

Many persons feel that their anger or negative emotions are justified because of what others are doing to them. When people judge others by appearances, it may seem that way. But ... would you deliberately go out and drink a cup of poison to get even with another person? That is what happens when you let negative emotions rule you.

Several years ago, in Ralph Waldo Trine’s book In Tune With The Infinite, he wrote of a study, which revealed that a person experiencing the emotion of jealousy emits enough poison to kill a guinea pig in a few minutes; and after an hour of intense hatred, a person produces enough poison to annihilate 80 human beings! Imagine what these self-induced poisons do to your body!

Remember that God’s universe is a beautiful demonstration of order, harmony, and love. When you clog up the Divine Flow with negative emotions, illness and unhappiness result. Exorcise all disharmonious feelings and become a Divine magnet for good.

I am free.

No words or actions can harm me if I do not allow them to do so.

A person’s words or actions tell me something about him or her, but do not express my being.

I am still the dynamic, deep, creative, vibrant person God created me to be.

Nothing can affect me but the direct action of God, and God is Love.

I am love!

I am a Divine magnet.

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