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The Last Leaf

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

— Matthew 19:26

We leave the field of Materia Medica to do its own work.

Our work is done entirely in the field of mind.

— The Science of Mind, page 199

The Last Leaf

When I was a little girl, my father used to sing a song to me about a girl named Nellie, who was supposed to die when all the leaves fell off the trees in the autumn. But Nellie’s boyfriend tied the leaves to the trees so they wouldn’t fall, because he didn’t want her to go away.

This is similar to a short story by O. Henry in which a girl was told she would die when the last leaf fell. Finally, only one leaf remained on the tree that leaned against a wall outside her window. Each morning, when the girl awakened, she looked to see if the leaf was still there, and lo!, it remained, clinging to a bare branch. One morning the girl finally realized it wasn’t going to fall, and so she recovered. O. Henry’s stories always have a surprise ending and this one turned out to be that her boyfriend had painted the leaf on the wall.

Once, when I was ironing some clothes, I ironed my hand by mistake. It turned red and began to fester. I immediately denied the power of the burn and affirmed God’s perfect Presence. As I applied an ice cube, I saw the burn shrivel up and completely disappear!

The same Power that healed O. Henry’s girl and my hand is the same power that heals you. That power is Mind with a capital “M.” The “M” is capitalized because it signifies the Mind that is the Divine Mind that constantly works through you.

I know I never have to be sick.

I am constantly aware of God’s Presence and His loving care.

My faith is firm, holding me in good stead,

though the mountains be removed to the midst of the sea!

Thank You, Father.

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