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The Law of Resonation

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

— Psalm 133:1

I am in complete unity with all … I am one with all.

— The Science of Mind, page 258

The Law of Resonation

In 1665, a Dutch scientist discovered that when he had two clocks on the wall, each with a pendulum swinging in a different direction, eventually the pendulums began swinging exactly at the same tempo and in the same direction. They resonated. Excited at his discovery, he began hanging clocks all over the room, each singing at different tempos and in different directions. Eventually, all the pendulums of all the clocks began singing exactly at the same tempos and in the same direction. They all resonated.

Something happened to me recently that reminded me of this. I was tuning my guitar, and all at once, as I tuned the D string, the comparable D string on the piano clear across the room began to vibrate. It was as though I had actually struck the D string on the piano! These strings were definitely resonating.

In a sense, human beings are like pendulums and guitar strings. When we attune ourselves to the Divine attributes of Peace, Love, and Harmony, we resonate not only with one another, but we also resonate with the Peace, Love and Harmony of the entire cosmos! However, when we allow negativity to color our perception, dissonance and discord result. If this happens, all we need to do is go into the quiet, sacred place within ourselves and “re-tune.” Then once again we resonate with Truth.

I go within and tune the pendulum of my thoughts — the strings of my feelings.

I make sure they are attuned to Divine Peace.

I make sure they are attuned to Divine Love.

I make sure they are attuned to Divine Harmony.

No matter what kind of vibration I encounter in the world today,

I choose to resonate with the Peace, Love, and Harmony of God.

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