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The Oneness of All Life

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord …

— Isaiah 11:9

… the world of multiplicity is deep-rooted in a universe of unity …

— The Science of Mind, page 103

The Oneness of All Life

At one time a geologist was sitting on a rock out in the desert, drawing a map. He happened to glance down and noticed a rattlesnake coiled under the edge of the rock on which he was sitting. Later he was asked what he did when he saw the rattlesnake and if he had been afraid of it. He said, “Not at all. I had no desire to hurt the snake, and it had no desire to harm me. I finished my work and went on my way.”

Another time two men were walking in snake country. “I never go into the forest without my heavy hip boots,” said one. “Really?” responded the other. “I travel barefoot, for the snake is my brother.” Neither was bitten.

Then, my son and I went for a walk in Hawaii, knowing that a bite from some centipedes could be fatal, or at least land a person in the hospital. We encountered a handsome, brilliant red centipede sauntering across the road in front of them. “Shall I kill it?” queried my son.

“No,” I replied. “He is in his natural habitat and is hurting no one.” We observed him in utter fascination. We estimated he had not 100 legs but approximately 40 to 50. He was about four inches in length and we even saw him pick up some food. He seemed unaware of our presence and we loved him.

All of these tales exemplify the meaning of George Washington Carver’s statement: “When you love something enough, it gives itself to you.”

I am one of God’s creations, and I am one with all other of God’s creations.

We are made of the same energy; our hearts beat with the rhythm of the Universe.

I do not fear … but love.

I am unified with all life and I am at peace.

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