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The Oven

…but we shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye …

— I Corinthians 15:51-52

Each one of us today is the result of the use he has made of the law, either consciously or unconsciously .

— The Science of Mind, page 126

The Oven

Have you ever been so discouraged, so depressed, so forlorn, that you didn’t even want to go on living? At moments such as these, God seems nowhere to be found. But be assured that God has not gone anywhere, for God is omnipresent. What you are experiencing is simply the diminishing light that results when a cloud temporarily covers the sun. If you wait a while, the sun will once again shine forth, and probably more brilliantly than before.

A young man was overcome by despair. He was out of work and had no relatives or friends. Nothing was going right for him. He felt there was no reason to keep on living, so he wrote a farewell note and turned on the gas in the oven. He placed his head in the oven, about to take his own life, when all at once, something made him look around. He noticed that the oven was terribly grimy, greasy, and just plain filthy. He slipped his head out of the oven, found some cleaning implements, and began to clean vigorously! Imagine! A dirty oven revived his will to live!

So the next time you feel totally hopeless, look around you. Who knows? You may very well see God smiling at you through a greasy oven!

Today, I make up my mind not to judge by appearances. No matter what “seems” to be happening, I know that underneath lies the Reality of God, the Reality of Love, the Reality of Life. I know I am part of that Reality and I know that Reality is part of me. I rejoice in my Life! Thank You, God!

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