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There Is Only One Mind

Thou hast madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands: thou hast put all things under his feet…

— Psalm 8:6

Spirit or the Mind of God is all Causation …. Spirit or Mind is also all effect. Cause and effect are but two ends of one unity.

— The Science of Mind, page 407

There Is Only One Mind

“There is only one Mind, that Mind is God, and that Mind is my mind now.” If this statement is true, then my mind can know the spiritual truth for another person and that person can be healed. But can this one Mind, this one Energy, also affect inanimate objects?

In our church, we have a computer named Alice. Even though Alice has no consciousness of her own, she is the out picturing of the consciousness of the people who use her. One day, Alice received an incorrect instruction from someone. How did she respond? She splattered symbols all over the screen that fairly shouted: “Call the repair man!” When he arrived, he worked on Alice in a calm manner, and almost instantly she was in good working order.

We also have a copy machine named Jimmy. Jimmy has never given us any problems during the year and a half we have owned him. One evening, some people were having a heated argument in Jimmy’s vicinity. Jimmy stopped working completely! We could find nothing wrong with him, but he just refused to perform. Later, someone was moved to do a spiritual mind treatment for Jimmy, affirming his perfection. Afterward, the machine started working and has functioned perfectly ever since.

Yes, there is indeed only one Mind, and that Mind, and that Mind is God, and that Mind is all-inclusive, even unto copy machines and computers!

There is only one Mind, that Mind is God, and that Mind is my mind now. There is only one Energy, that Energy is God, and that Energy is my energy now. The one Mind, through me, affects every person and every object in my environment. Today, I use this Energy positively for the highest good of all. Thank You, God, for the privilege of directing this Energy for good!

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