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Thought Power

Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring … upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts ….

— Jeremiah 6:19

We should carefully consider whether we are willing to experience the results of our thoughts.

— The Science of Mind, page 195

Thought Power

Beth had a very successful career as a placement counselor in Southern California. She worked for employers and combed the country to find just the perfect employees to fill highly specialized positions. Then she was transferred to Austin, Texas. For five months she went to her office an hour early. For five months she stayed late into the evening. For five months she did everything she possibly could to find employees for her clients. But for five months she placed not one single person.

Meanwhile, she began sharing her talent and time with her church by making corsages each week for the first-time visitors. One day, as she was doing his, a thought came to her. “If I can carry over the confidence and joy I feel when I make these corsages into my business, I know I can be successful!” This thought resonated deep within her. Furthermore, it was coupled with profound emotion — the emotion of joy. At that moment a determination was born: a determination to carry over the confidence and joy she felt while making corsages directly into her office the next day.

In the two weeks that followed, Beth placed over $26,000 worth of business — and all because of just one thought!

Today I acknowledge that I have within me the most powerful force that exists — my thought. My thought is Divine thought, thinking through me. I take charge of my thought today, and God and I together create an incredibly beautiful, fulfilling life.

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