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Thoughts Are Things!

And Jesus said unto the centurion,

Go thy way: and as thou hast believed,

so be it done unto thee.

— Matthew 8:13

A practitioner ... resolves things into thoughts ...

— The Science of Mind, page 59

Thoughts Are Things!

When I first entered Ministerial School back in 1975, I was inspired by Ernest Holmes’ teaching to write a song entitled “Thoughts Are Things.” Since then, I have seen hundreds of demonstrations of this principle. The chorus goes: Thoughts are things! Thoughts are things! Ev’ry little thought to us it brings! Happiness, misery, on its wings. Thoughts are thi-i-i-i-i-i-ings! THOUGHTS ARE THINGS!

A recent demonstration of this occurred in the ministry of Rev. Michael Torphy, the new minister of the Grand Junction, Colorado Church of Religious Science. When he arrived at the church, he realized they definitely could use lots of equipment in the church office, including a computer. Michael had formerly used a Macintosh computer, and really wanted an iMac, the latest version of the Macintosh. Last Sunday, he told his congregation, “When you think of me, think of iMac.” So, the entire congregation concentrated on Rev. Michael and iMac.

Now, power flows to the focus of attention. Right? A couple of days later at a Board Meeting of Agape church, Rev. Michael Beckwith approached Harriet Torphy and said, “I’ve been meaning to send your husband a tithe, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Is there anything he needs?” “Well,” she answered. “He could use a new computer.” The iMac computer was in the mail that day! Thoughts are things? Yes! Thoughts definitely are things!

Today, I totally watch my thoughts.

I immediately edit out any thoughts I do not want to demonstrate in my life.

I focus entirely on what I DO want, and know that even as I think,

God’s marvelous Law of the Universe is manifesting good in my life!

And so it is!

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