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Unconditional Love

But the fruit of the Spirit is love ...

— Galatians 5:22

Love ... is common to all people, to all animal life,

and evident in the response of plants

to those who love them.

— The Science of Mind, page 478

Unconditional Love

My hairdresser, Jonnita, is one of the most loving individuals I know. I simply delight in going to her shop every five weeks. We talk about God, about love, about life, about death, and both of us are expanded by the time I leave.

A few weeks ago I came into the shop and greeted her with a hug. She looked different, as though she’d been crying. I asked her what was happening. This is what she told me. Missy, her beloved dog, was so old and infirm, all her organs had ceased functioning. Missy could not see, could not walk, had stopped eating, and, in essence was dying. Jonnita could not bear to see her beautiful dog continue this way, so she decided to take her to the vet and have her put to sleep. At the vet’s, she cradled Missy in her arms, telling her how much she was loved. Missy seemed to understand. She mustered up all her strength, and gently raised her head as high as she could. She then proceeded to give Jonnita kisses and kisses, licks and licks. Missy’s very last action in this thing called life was to give unconditional love. What a legacy!

If, as the Tibetans say, your last thought before you die determines where you arrive on the next plane, Missy is definitely in Divine Love Land, romping with all the other dog angels in the universe!

Right this moment, I deeply remember that Love is all there is. I make a commitment that everywhere I look this day, I see Love. Every word I speak, I speak with Love, and every action I take, I take with Love.

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