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We’re Together Now!

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

...thou art now blessed of the Lord.

— Genesis 26:29

...the dealing with the instantaneous now

and the ever-present-here.

— The Science of Mind, page 175

We’re Together Now!

How often do we sabotage the good that is happening to us now, by worrying about the future, brooding about the past or wishing the present were different from what it is? We must grab life while it is here, because this moment does not repeat itself. As Toni Grant used to say on Talk Radio, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” This applies to all facets of our lives. When we hold anything back, or postpone our good till later, the moment is quickly gone.

My son learned that years ago when we were living in Hawaii. A double rainbow appeared in the sky. “Scott! Come quickly! Look at this fantastic double rainbow!” “Wait a minute,” he replied. “Just let me take one more bite of my tuna fish sandwich.” A moment later when he got to the window, the double rainbow had completely disappeared — in the twinkling of a bite.

Kathy also learned this lesson. She had raised her granddaughter, Nicole, for the first year-and-a-half of Nicole’s life. Then, Kathy’s daughter and Nicole moved away, so Kathy wasn’t able see her daughter or her granddaughter for the next year-and-a-half. When they were finally reunited, Kathy hugged and hugged Nicole, crying and saying, “Oh! I haven’t seen you for so long! I missed you so much! I was so lonely!” Nicole said, “Forget about that Nana!” We’re together now!”

Today I release all expectations. Today I release all regrets. Today I release all worries and doubts and live in the present moment! I stop waiting. I hold nothing back till later. I love and embrace each experience as it occurs. God creates life through me, right here, right now! And so it is.

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