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What A Blessing!

that ye should inherit a blessing.

— I Peter 3:9

Suffering … carries a blessing with it when we learn how to garner knowledge from experience.

The Science of Mind, page 485

What A Blessing!

In The Science of Mind, we believe that all things work for our good, even pain, and fear, sickness and anger. We say they are here to teach us life lessons. Of course, everything depends upon the way we look at it. We can choose to be a victim or choose to see the blessing.

A few months ago a friend I hadn’t seen for a while took a look at my left jaw, pointed at it and said, “Is that a melanoma?” I admitted that I had a one-inch “thing” growing on my jaw and it was getting larger every day. He told me, “Yes, and you better have it checked out, because when I saw you six months ago, it wasn’t there.”

The following week I went in to the dermatologist’s and had a biopsy taken. A few days later, his assistant called me and told me the biopsy was cancerous. My response was, “What a blessing!” “Perhaps you didn’t hear me correctly,” she responded. “I said you have cancer.” “What a blessing!” I repeated, and went on to explain. “Now that we’ve discovered it, we can do something about it.” So surgery was scheduled. I went in cheerfully and said the 23rd Psalm over and over to myself during the procedure, seeing the entire staff as the Hands, Heart, and Love of God. The surgery was 100% successful, and best of all, I was able to receive the blessing, and act on it in God’s Perfect Time!

Today, I look at all my life’s experiences through my blessing-colored glasses.

No matter what the quality of the experience,

I look for the gift in it and see it moving me toward a deeper realization of God’s Presence, Power, and Protection in every aspect of my life.

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