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What Is Important?

… Man shall not live by bread alone …

— Matthew 4:4

Without love, nothing can be accomplished — with love, all things are possible.

— The Science of Mind, page 503

What Is Important?

When Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince” was trying to communicate with the grownups, he would proudly show them a drawing he had made of a boa constrictor. Invariably he would be rebuffed by a phrase such as, “Don’t bother me! I’m busy with matters of consequence!” After many such experiences, he began to differentiate grownups from children by the fact that grownups were always busy with, “matters of consequence.” Matters of consequence? What could be of more consequence than the drawing of a child, particularly one which he wishes to share with you?

Sometimes you and I have been so busy amassing wealth, position, and educational degrees that we have forgotten to pay attention to what is really important. This does not mean to imply that wealth, position, and advancement are not positive. Of course, we need to develop and express ourselves, but we must not forget that the beauty of the forest is equaled by the beauty of each tree.

Another example that shows what is important was revealed to me when a friend of mine reported that his young son had recently kissed him good night, and then looked up and asked, “Do you know why I did that, Daddy?” “Why?” asked the father.

“Because I love you.” This man was so startled, he suddenly woke up. He knew he had been so busy with “matters of consequence,” that he had actually been overlooking his son’s love.

Ask yourself what you overlook in your own life. Remember the importance of love, because with love … all things are possible.

I see what is important.

I perceive all the nuances of beauty and love that surround me.

I notice each fragile love-plant that grows in my life.

I savor every droplet of sweetness and honey in the Sea-of-Life.

I know what is important … and I give thanks.

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