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When Is It Ever Too Late?

With long life will I satisfy him …

— Psalm 91:16

... there is no recognition of age in the truth

— The Science of Mind, page59

When Is It Ever Too Late?

The Science of Mind teaches that God expresses through each of us, always. He does not withdraw Himself from us when we reach a certain age, for God, being Omnipresent, is with each of us fully at every moment, forever.

This teaching came to my attention last summer when I had the privilege of organizing and participating in a conference in Texoma, Oklahoma. During the conference I met many beautiful people, one of whom was a Science of Mind practitioner named Catherine Weiffenbach, age 86. As we talked, Catherine told me her life story, and in the course of doing so she made a statement that inspired me. She turned to me and said, “I haven’t figured out what to do with the rest of my life yet. I want to find out what God wants me to do, and then I want to give myself fully to doing it!”

I remembered the many warnings I received when, at the age of 44, I decided to have another child, and when, at age 46, I returned to school for my Master’s Degree. I also recalled the objections raised when I changed careers at age 50 and enrolled in the Ernest Holmes School of Ministry. And right now, I’m involved in a Ph.D. program, and those who shook their fingers at me are still doing so. However, I recognize that each of us has but one Truth to live by, and that’s the Truth that dwells within every one of us — the Divinity within us, that sings and ever sings. So to the query, “When is it ever too late?” I respond wholeheartedly, “Never!”

God is ageless and God is timeless. I am never too old to grow and change.

Spirit within me leads me, inspires me, surrounds me, enfolds me, and permeates me — and is me. I am expanding, growing, changing, and evolving now! I listen to one voice, and one voice only — and that voice is the Voice of God!

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