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Who Changed?

… and if he change it at all, then both it and the change thereof shall be holy …

— Leviticus 27:33

We may change the trend of causation which has been set in motion at any time we decide to do so.

— The Science of Mind, page 128

Who Changed?

Dana and her daughter Suzanne had a dreadful relationship. They rarely saw each other, and only spoke occasionally on the telephone. Even then, their conversations were strained and almost always resulted in one or the other of them banging down the phone. This went on for years.

Then Dana began taking Science of Mind classes. She learned that there is a Law of Mind which responds to her dominant patterns of thought and thereby creates her life experiences. She learned that she could change her thought and the outer circumstances of her life would change accordingly. As the semester progressed, Dana began noticing amazing results from her conscious use of spiritual principles. The more she recognized the Omnipresence of Spirit, becoming aware of her unity with It and with all other beings, her attitude toward her daughter began to change. The only thing that changed was the attitude Dana had towards her daughter. And over time, wonder of wonders, they became best friends!

Remember, we don’t have to change others; we don’t have to change things; we don’t have to change events. All we have to change is … ourselves.

Today I am accepting toward all people.

I see them as the beautiful people they are created to be,

and I refuse to judge or condemn anyone.

Thank You, God, for the ability to change my thoughts and attitudes.

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