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Why Doesn’t Anyone Call Me?

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men

should do to you, do ye even so to them.

— Matthew 7:12

Love alone can beget love.

— The Science of Mind, page 431

Why Doesn’t Anyone Call Me?

A young man sat in his room for three months, only going out to get the necessary supplies for survival. As he looked at the four walls, he became more and more depressed. “Why doesn’t anyone call me?” he moaned. “This is a rotten world!” And he poured himself another drink. The next day the scene repeated itself “Why doesn’t anyone call me? This is the most unfriendly city I’ve ever seen!” He poured the last drop from the bottle into his glass and began to cry. His tears were like a spring rain, cleansing his tormented brain.

A silent voice began speaking within the lonely young man. As it spoke, he sat up and began to take notice. It said, “You go first. When you give what you want to receive, you’ll find that you have what you want. Don’t wait for life to happen; make it happen.”

Remember the story of Alfonse and Gaston? They were two gentlemen who spent hours bowing to each other and telling one another very politely, “You go first!” “No, you go first!” “No, you go first!” So, nothing happened.

The young man began questioning the voice. “You mean that I should call someone else and not wait for him to call me?” The voice spoke not. “You mean,” he went on, “I’m supposed to do things first? But that’s so hard!” The voice remained silent. “You mean … “ The young man’s voice trailed off as he slowly and deliberately moved toward the phone.

I’m not going to wait for things to happen to me.

I take a deep breath and plunge into the sea of life.

Its icy waters stimulate me, and,

with blood surging energetically through my body,

I realize I am alive and in charge of my own destiny.

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